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Midtown Music

Outdoor pop-up performances

This summer in the 34th Street district, find accomplished musicians playing live music in a series of pop-up performances. Linger and listen for a song or two, come across an unexpected soundtrack during lunch or on your commute home, and be surprised by the melodies of Midtown.

When & Where

Find Midtown Music bands Monday - Saturday starting 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, or 4:30pm. Locations include Herald Square Plaza, Greeley Square Plaza, and Penn and Moynihan Station at two locations: 31st Street and Eighth Avenue, and 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Terry Waldo's Gotham City Band

Enjoy live ragtime music outdoors with top New York City musicians and Terry Waldo, famed NYC pianist.

Trio Arrebol

Forró is a rich example from northeastern Brazil of how the blending of different styles can create a musical genre that is truly for all. Featuring accordion, zabumba and triangle accompanying rhythmic vocal harmonies, Trio Arrebol explores the intersection of Indigenous Brazilian, African, Portuguese and Caribbean cultures to present a style that makes you want to dance and relax in equal measure!

Triad Brass 

Dance, sing, and celebrate with Triad Brass - a pop-up party brass band of award-winning musicians bringing you songs from the seventies, numbers from the noughties, and something for everyone in-between.

Sedi Donka

This fiddle-forward fusion band blends Eastern European, Balkan and Gypsy dance music with a convivial jazz aesthetic. Inspired by fiddling folk bands of Romania and Hungary, Sedi Donka will get you tapping your toes to odd-meters and singing along in a myriad of languages!

Baklava Express

Featuring some ‘rude Oud’ and ‘killer Qanun’, this Middle Eastern fusion project draws on the instrumentation and musical traditions of the Arab world, while mixing in elements of Jazz, Flamenco, Rock and Eastern European folk with a distinctly genre-defiant flare.


From Smash Mouth to Satchel Mouth, East Village All Stars draw on early jazz traditions, pair it with a punk-informed aesthetic and present it with a New York City energy to bring you their fusion of Emo rock and Dixieland jazz (yes you read that right!).