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Herald Square Park

Peaceful oasis in the heart of 34th Street

Herald Square was named for the New York Herald newspaper, whose building was located on 35th Street from 1893 to the 1920s. The square’s most prominent feature is the elaborate Bennett Clock, named for Herald publisher James Gordon Bennett Jr. The monument features the Bellringers, dubbed “Guff” and “Stuff,” and owls with flashing green eyes. Owls were Bennett’s talisman, and the new massive granite gateposts, installed by the Partnership, feature bronze owl figures by sculptor Greg Lefevre.

Herald Square is a wonderful place to take a break from shopping and sightseeing: pull up a chair, enjoy some refreshments from the food kiosk operated by Wafels & Dinges, and rest your eyes on the Partnership’s award–winning gardens. And be sure to catch Guff and Stuff ringing their bells every hour on the hour.

Hours + info

Daily: 7am-9pm
Hours are weather and maintenance permitting

Find Herald Square Park between 34th and 35th Streets, and Broadway and Sixth Avenue. The park is accessible to several subway trains and bus lines.

Herald Square Park has a seasonal reading room, public bathroom, beautiful seasonal plantings, and a Wafels & Dinges food kiosk.

Flowers with the statuesque Bennett memorial clock in the background at Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan.
34th Street Partnership