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Greeley Square Park

Jewel–like park and welcome refuge

Greeley Square Park was painstakingly refurbished in 1999 and offers tables and chairs, exquisite horticulture, a food kiosk featuring fare from Perros y Vainas, and a free public restroom.

Visit the restored statue of Horace Greeley, the founder and editor of the New York Tribune, who, contrary to popular belief, did not coin the expression, “Go west, young man,” but borrowed it from John Babsone Lane Soule. More Greeley Square trivia: the eagles that decorate the park’s gateposts were inspired by the eagles once found on the Tribune’s masthead.

Hours + info

Daily: 7am-9pm

Greeley Square Park is located between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, and 32nd & 33rd Streets.

Find Greeley Square Park

Greeley Square Park has a shoeshine stand, newly renovated public bathroom, beautiful seasonal plantings, and a food kiosk with Perros y Vainas. Click below for upcoming events at Greeley Square Park!