Broadway Boulevard

A famous avenue transforms into a pedestrian oasis in the middle of Manhattan

For over a decade, Herald and Greeley Square Parks have anchored the 34th Street district. In 2009, NYC’s “Broadway Boulevard” project closed Broadway to vehicle traffic between 35th and 33rd Streets, creating a pedestrian zone that more than doubled the passive space provided by the triangle parks. 34SP immediately began to program the newly pedestrianized space, installing chairs, tables, planters, and umbrellas and providing activities and entertainment.

What had once been one of the most congested streets in the city quickly became a place of relaxation, rendezvous, and recreation. In warm weather visitors can enjoy free salsa classes, fitness programs, juggling, hooping, and more.

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Getting there

Accessible by several subway lines, buses, and the LIRR, Broadway Boulevard is in Herald Square and close to Penn Station and the Empire State Building.

Broadway Boulevard is located on Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets, and 33rd and 34th Streets. Click here for directions to Broadway Boulevard.